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“I use EasierStudy, and finished all the lessons of year 1 in just half a year. EasierStudy is fun!”
– Lucas
“I use EasierStudy to support my classes. Now, all of my students perform better than ever!”
– Marianne


Gamification is the future of learning & having fun!

Student first

In classes, some students understand within 5 minutes and some understand after 30 minutes of explaining.

Let students learn at their own pace!

Whenever, wherever!

You have to get home or to school by train? You can do your homework on your mobile or laptop!

EasierStudy is fun.

“I always do my homework in the train and have more free time!”


This allows me to help students individually

“With EasierStudy, I can see exactly who is on track, who is ahead of schedule and who is running behind.”

"This allows me to help students individually, which increases results!"


Frequently Asked Questions

In which languages is EasierStudy available?

Currently, EasierStudy is only available in Dutch. Do you want EasierStudy in another language? Send us a message and we will prioritise it!


Join hundreds of students who are learning English fast paced.

“I got better grades due to more personal attention from my teacher.”


Today, there are more than 10+ million educational videos on YouTube

Yup - while it’s easier than ever to find information online (thanks, YouTube!),
It’s harder than ever to focus on the individual and provide accurate information.

The internet is a big place, full of misinformation & distractions.

Most schools & teachers have three challenges with educating:

  • Tracking progress: it is hard to see how every single student is performing.
  • Individual attention: if you can’t clearly track progress, you don’t know who needs extra attention. Not every student is open & tells it!
  • Time consumption: preparing content & lessons takes a lot of time.

That’’s why we built EasierStudy - not to replace the teacher, but to give the teacher a supportive tool to better education.

The last year we’ve helped over 100+ students learning with fun. I’d love for you to give it a try.

Justin Fransen
Justin Fransen
Co-founder EasierStudy